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Servimeca Owner, Jorge Plaza Marquez, Highlights the Importance of Sand Control in Oil, Gas and Water Wells

Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge oil and gas filtration systems. Established in 1958, the company has set the benchmark for uncompromising quality in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets. The entrepreneur has taken the company from strength to strength under his watchful eye. During its 50-year trajectory, Servimeca […]

Jorge Plaza Marquez Guides First-Time Investors With These Great Cryptocurrency Strategies

Meet Jorge Plaza Marquez; an entrepreneur with an eye for incredible detail and a nose for bankable business ventures. He is the third-generation owner of a very successful oil and gas filtration company, Servimeca, that engineers top-notch sand filtration systems. Having worked with Chevron, Tenaris, and other industry heavyweights, the entrepreneur is a man of […]