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Best Places to Visit in Venezuela According to Jorge Plaza Marquez

As the third-generation owner of Servimeca Sand Control, Jorge Plaza Marquez spends a great deal of time traveling between Colombia and Venezuela. To Jorge, these are some of the most beautiful countries in the world. For those who are curious about going to Venezuela, Jorge Plaza Marquez has a few recommendations.

Angel Falls
As part of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites, Angel Falls is a sight that no visitor to Venezuela should skip, according to Jorge Plaza Marquez. Since it’s the highest waterfall in the world, Angel Falls are 3230 feet tall, with a drop of 2647 feet. The fall is in a remote area of the Canaima National Park, and it’s the perfect place for those who want to make the trek. Once they reach the falls, they can cool off in the lagoon or natural pools that surround the falls.

The town of Coro is another UNESCO World Heritage Site. According to Jorge Plaza Marquez, people love to visit the village of Coro due to the impressive colonial architecture. While in Coro, visitors like to take a tour of the historic mansions of Zamora, visit the museums, and stop by the cathedral. If anyone wants to visit Coro, Jorge Plaza Marquez recommends visiting the dunes in Parque Nacional Médanos de Coro or the Península de Paraguaná.

Los Roques National Park
According to Jorge Plaza Marquez, the moment someone visits Los Roques National Park, they think it’s one of the most beautiful places on earth. There are over 1,000 keys in Los Roques National Park, each one with different landscapes. Visitors can enjoy crystal blue waters, mangrove swamps, still water bays, coastal barrier lagoons, and white sand beaches.

Ciudad Bolivar
If you want to read about the history of Venezuela, there’s no better place to do so than the historic Ciudad Bolivar, according to Jorge Plaza Marquez. Ciudad Bolivar is significant because that is the place where Simon Boliver set up his military base and where he started his final campaign in the war for independence. Visitors to Ciudad Bolivar can enjoy the rich history as well as the colorful colonial architecture.

Henri Pittier
For those who enjoy nature, Jorge Plaza Marquez recommends a visit to Henri Pittier. Named after Henri Pittier, who arrived in Venezuela in the 20thcentury, this is Venezuela’s oldest national park. Visitors to the park can enjoy the beaches, bays, mountains, and spotting over 500 species of birds.

Founded in 1958, Servimeca produces elite, top-notch products to filter the sand out of oil. Jorge Plaza Marquez has served as president of Servimeca since 1998.

Servimeca Owner, Jorge Plaza Marquez, Highlights the Importance of Sand Control in Oil, Gas and Water Wells

Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca, a leading manufacturer of cutting-edge oil and gas filtration systems. Established in 1958, the company has set the benchmark for uncompromising quality in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets.

The entrepreneur has taken the company from strength to strength under his watchful eye. During its 50-year trajectory, Servimeca has made immense strides in the market, renowned for its sand control filters for oil, gas and water wells. Based on the requirements of each client, the company conceptualizes pipe filters with different production and manufacturing configurations.

Servimeca has invoked loyalty among a very prominent clientele; Pipe Supply & Services, Tenaris, Chevron and PanelMet. As a testament to the reliability and quality of its services, the company has received external recognition through the ISO 9001 Certificate by Fondonorma and IQ Net.

Says Jorge Plaza Marquez on the importance of sand control, “It’s easy to see why this market has experienced a tremendous upswing. The sand particles in oil and gas wells cause severe erosion and wear out the production equipment. This, in turn, leads to downtimes, costly repairs and even poses safety risks.”

“Industry folk question what constitutes an acceptable level of sand content,” Jorge Marquez continues. “It’s hard to say, really. This is based on operational limits like erosion-resistance, the separator’s capacity, the complexity of the sand disposal process, and the ability of the equipment to extract sand-traced fluid from the well.”

The businessman goes on to explain that the production of formation sands within a well is one of the most enduring problems in the oil and gas industry. This is usually connected with young formations that have little to no natural cementation, leading to loose grains.

“In fact,” the entrepreneur points out, “The petroleum market spends a fortune every single year to filter sand, fix the issues connected with sand production and brainstorm ways to predict and control it.”

What is Servimeca’s role in the equation? Jorge says it best.

“Our filtration systems use one of three methods,” Jorge Plaza Marquez elaborates. “Grooved piping is used for sand control in heavy and extra heavy oil wells. These pipes have a floor area with high-pressure drops during production. Perforated pipes, on the other hand, usher in better flexibility. They have the required configurations to transport water, oil, and gas to the final disposal site in an uninterrupted segment. Lastly, screens are very useful for vertical, horizontal and multilateral wells.”

The businessman points out that, to prevent future occurrences of the same, predicting sanding potential is crucial. This can be undertaken through field observations, lab experiments, and theoretical models.

“With field observations, we conduct sand flow tests to examine the formation rate. Through lab experiments, we draw from rock strength information on recovered cores. And in theoretical models, a correlation is created between the data collected and operational parameters using an analysis model.”

More on Jorge Plaza Marquez and Servimeca

Since 1998, the entrepreneur has gleaned an exceptional business acumen during his time as the President of Servimeca. Under Jorge Plaza Marquez’s leadership, the company has dominated the oil filtration segment with its uncompromising standards of quality and cutting-edge technology.

Aside from his business endeavors, Jorge Marquez indulges in his love for cryptocurrency investments. He is also a travel junkie and divides his time between Venezuela, Columbia, and the States.

The businessman plans to take Servimeca to staggering new heights and explore exciting business opportunities in the years to come.

Jorge Plaza Marquez Guides First-Time Investors With These Great Cryptocurrency Strategies

Meet Jorge Plaza Marquez; an entrepreneur with an eye for incredible detail and a nose for bankable business ventures. He is the third-generation owner of a very successful oil and gas filtration company, Servimeca, that engineers top-notch sand filtration systems.

Having worked with Chevron, Tenaris, and other industry heavyweights, the entrepreneur is a man of many interests. When he gets time off, Jorge Plaza Marquez scours the internet for smart cryptocurrency investment tactics.

This is a booming segment of the market. In fact, there’s a post on social media about Bitcoin every three seconds. This cryptocurrency has tripled in value in the first six months of 2019 alone. About 5% of millennials invest in this market and 31% of people steer clear of it because of its high-risk nature.

From whitepapers to podcasts, Jorge Marquez devotes his time to refining his knowledge so that he can simplify the process for others. The entrepreneur shares some advice for first-time investors!

Don’t Be Discouraged By The Naysayers

“It’s a pyramid scheme.”

“Nothing more than a passing fad.”

“Just stick to conventional investments.”

You’ve no doubt heard all of this said about cryptocurrency. Finance gurus will try to convince you that this market is teetering on the edge of oblivion – and it’s best to dodge that bullet.

To become a successful investor, Jorge Plaza Marquez advises that you need to muffle the noise and do your own research. The financial prospects of cryptocurrency assets are limitless if undertaken wisely!

Invest Money That You Can Part With

As Warren Buffet once said, “Remember that the market is manic depressive.” Sure, he was talking about stocks but the same applies to cryptocurrency. The allure of Bitcoin lies in its volatility. And in any volatile venture, it’s best not to invest money required to fund your day-to-day life, much less money that was taken out as a loan.

In his own investments, Jorge Plaza Marquez has seen that Bitcoin remains flat and abruptly surges meteorically, meaning that your wallet might stagnate for months on end or you may witness a welcome spike in your finances. Either way, given that this isn’t something you can call, it’s best to invest prudently.

Due Diligence Trumps All Else

“Would you want to buy a house you haven’t personally visited or do a job without knowing the prerequisites?” asks Jorge Plaza Marquez. If the answer is no, then that same logic holds water in the cryptocurrency realm.

In the 21st century, given the sheer multitude of resources at our fingertips, there’s simply no excuse to invest without first understanding the underlying asset. Marquez recommends to understand, not just the currency itself, but also the broader terms of the environment.

Every coin out there has whitepapers online that allow investors to brush up on their knowledge on the objectives of the coin, its technical vision, the biggest initial coin offerings, niche altcoins and more.

Jorge Plaza Marquez

Jorge became President of Servimeca in 1998 and the company has since grown from strength to strength under his watchful eye. Using cutting-edge technology, Servimeca filters sand from oil, gas and water wells to provide a pristine product that complies with the highest standards of quality.

When he’s not engaged in business or traveling to Columbia and Venezuela, Marquez indulges in his third love; researching and investing in cryptocurrencies, and sharing his expertise with budding investors that need a leg up in the market.

Jorge Plaza Marquez Explains Why Everyone Should Visit Colombia


Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca. For nearly 60 years, there has been one company playing a significant role in oil and gas via an intricate filtration system. Founded in 1958, Servimeca produces elite, top-notch products to filter the sand out of oil. Jorge Plaza Marquez was named president in 1998, and since the company is based out of Columbia and Venezuela, Jorge travels between these countries very often.

Why Colombia?

Contrary to popular belief, Colombia is a safe place to travel and visit. From its stunning artwork, pristine waters and diverse scenery and people, Columbia should be on everyone’s list to visit. A few of the top destinations that Jorge Plaza Marquez admires are the following:

Bogotá (Capital)

The architecture in the capital city of Bogotá is mesmerizing. With a large number of cathedrals and churches, the historical sightseeing is plenteous. Bogotá also is bustling with entrepreneurs offering innovative restaurants, galleries, shopping experiences, and much more. The people of Colombia are friendly and love when people visit their country. In Bogotá, you’ll find many locals offering assistance or politely greeting passersby on the streets and in local businesses.

Bogotá also has the gold museum, which showcases over 50,000 pieces of gold and ornate jewelry or artwork. It is a great place to learn about Colombia’s history. The historic La Candelaria neighborhood allows visitors to feel as if they’ve stepped back in time and often welcome reprieve from the bustling capital city center.


Cartagena is known as the “Jewel of the Indies.” The Colombian Caribbean coast offers stunning beaches to visit by land or sea. The seafood in Cartagena is the freshest and most sublime, giving pause to many other seaside towns across the globe. Well-known restaurateurs and infamous ones as well, offer some of the most delightful cuisine available.

Cartagena is not only picturesque, but it oozes with history. It’s 16th century Walled Old Town City takes visitors back to a time long ago. Visiting the old forts is not to be missed, especially San Felipe Castle. There are numerous castles to tour, and again, the artwork is phenomenal. Many people say Cartagena is the most beautiful city on earth and Jorge Plaza Marquez couldn’t agree more.

A leader in its segment in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets, Servimeca manufactures its filters with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality and productivity standards.

Jorge Plaza Marquez - Third-Generation Owner of Servimeca

Jorge Plaza Marquez is a Third-Generation Owner of Servimeca, a Leading Manufacturing Company

Jorge Plaza MarquezOil and gas have been one of the hottest commodities for decades. As a population, we often take for granted the methodology and work that it takes to bring these supplies into our daily lives and have them so readily available.

For nearly 60 years, there has been one company playing a major role in oil and gas via an intricate filtration system. Founded in 1958, Servimeca produces elite, top-notch products to filter the sand out of oil. When the oil is in a younger state and near the top portion of the surface, a lot of sand accumulates and intermixes with the oil requiring a process that Servimeca has mastered. Their filtration process is available for other entities as well, such as water well drilling.

Jorge Plaza Marquez is the third-generation owner of Servimeca and has served the company for over 30 years. Jorge Plaza Marquez explains his family’s expertise, “We have many products that numerous companies use on a daily basis. To name a few, the grooved pipes we produce are used for sand control in heavy and extra heavy oil wells due to having a flow area with higher pressure drops during production. The perforated pipes offer flexibility and a high water collection capacity due to their perimeter perforations. We’ve designed them to have the precise diameter and length to transport water, gas, and oil to the final disposal site in continuous segments.”

Servimeca has developed a loyal following of highly-regarded customers, some of those clients include, Chevron, Tenaris, Pipe Supply & Services and PanelMET to name a few. Servimeca is one of the most experienced companies, with a trajectory of decades of expertise and reliability, manufacturing sand control filters for oil, gas and water wells. Their pipe filters have different production and manufacturing concepts, which vary based on the needs and requirements of their clients. Servimeca has large storage areas, as well as available transport for the timely dispatch of their products.

A leader in its segment in the Colombian and Venezuelan markets, Servimeca manufactures its filters with cutting-edge technology and the highest quality and productivity standards. Jorge Plaza Marquez explainedfurther, “Servimeca is proud to repetitively gain recognition by our clients through a high scoring system of the reliability and quality of our products, as well as through the recognition of third party entities such as Fondonorma and IQ Net, by way of the ISO 9001 Certificate.”